Smith's Vision, Trump's America

Lamar Smith was the first member of Congress to donate to Donald Trump. He devoted his campaign website to boosting Trump, and he sat in the Trump family box at the Republican National Convention. Smith did everything he could to get Trump elected.

He got his wish.

Now, Trump and Smith are taking our friends and neighbors from us. Harassing them at the airport. Talking them out of their green cards. Blocking them from reentering the country. Yanking them from hospitals when they seek cancer treatment. Scooping them up when they report domestic violence. Tearing them away while taking their young children to school.

Those of us who escape deportation face a future in this country without health care. With filthy air and water. With coasts washed away by rising seas and howling winds. Crops failing in the heat. Forests dying in scorching summers that come too early.

Twenty four million of us now risk losing our health care under the Trump/Smith plan. We’ll be sick more often and go bankrupt from medical bills more often.

When we go to work, when we can find work, we’ll earn less, be hurt more, and die on the job more often.

We’ll lose sons and daughters, or brothers and sisters, or mothers and fathers, in wars we could have prevented if we hadn’t gutted U.S. diplomacy.

More Black men will be shot by cops without consequences. More Latinx men and women will be blocked from voting. More people of color will be shoved into prison for profit.

This is the crowning achievement of Smith’s 30 years in Congress: the United States of America under Donald Trump. An America for which Smith laid the groundwork through his own relentless attacks on the media, through his assault on competitiveness and liberty in the economy and the political sphere, through his trolling of scientists in sham hearings while catastrophic climate change took hold.

This is our country, this is our future, if we don’t act immediately to stop the Trump/Smith agenda.

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