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Hello, my name is______. I'm a volunteer with Derrick Crowe for Congress. May I please speak with __________?

Derrick Crowe is a progressive Democrat running for Congress here in the 21st District of Texas to fight the Trump agenda and end corporate control of our politics. I’m calling because Derrick will be on the ballot in the upcoming election on March 6, and I wanted to find out if we can count on your support. Have you heard about Derrick's candidacy?

[If have NOT heard of him]:

Derrick is running to pass Medicare for All and combat income inequality. He believes that Wall Street and the top one percent should not control our politics, which is why he refuses all corporate PAC donations. Throughout his career, Derrick has fought government corruption, advocated for the working class, and fought for real action on climate change.

 The 21st District is currently represented by Lamar Smith, a Trump-backing Republican who is retiring. This means we have a real chance to flip this district for Democrats and elect a true progressive.


[If asked about biographical information]:

 Sure! Derrick has fought for progressive values his entire career. From field directing a Democratic campaign in rural Texas to being on the front lines as a Senior staffer for Democrats on Capitol Hill, Derrick has been working to bring progressive change to Washington. After leaving DC, Derrick moved to working in the nonprofit sector advocating for low income families in Texas, advocating for women and children facing abuse, and fighting government corruption. Derrick has also owned, operated, and sold a small retail business in Austin, Texas. Derrick has also spent years raising the alarm on climate change to make sure his 3 year old son Henry has a livable and prosperous life to raise his own family.

Can I count on you to be  support and vote on election day, March 6th, 2018? 

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1 - STRONG Derrick
2 - LEAN Derrick

4 - LEAN Opponent

5 - STRONG Opponent
6 - LEAN Other
7 - STRONG Other

Support 1 - 2

That's great! We are on the same page. This is a competitive primary, and while other candidates in this race rely on Wall Street donations, Derrick is running a people-powered campaign. Early voting begins in less than 8 weeks, so we need as much help as possible spreading the word about Derrick’s candidacy.

Will you help make calls to voters just like I am doing right now? 

We will provide you guides, training, and live support to make sure you have a great experience and make a real impact for the campaign, no matter your location or ability. All you’ll need is a laptop, microphone headphones/headset, and wifi.

If “yes” can volunteer: Awesome! Let me sign you up for an upcoming call shift! (go to and sign them up for a call shift!). Let me sign you up for an upcoming event (go to and sign them up for a volunteer event).

Depending on your availability, you will select your available date(s), fill out this form with your information, and be sent a reminder before your scheduled call time via email and text message. A member from our dialer team will give you a call and make sure you feel ready. 

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If “no” cannot volunteer: 

It’s alright - if you find time in the future, please visit to get involved or visit to find an event near you!

Thank you for your time and support for Derrick - we look forward to having you join us soon, [voter name].

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Undecided/Lean Opponent 3 - 4

It’s alright, I totally understand. Personally, I support Derrick because _____________  [Speak from the heart about why you are supporting Derrick Crowe. Tell your story or what has compelled you to volunteer for Derrick]

[Example 1: I believe that healthcare is a human right, and Derrick is the strongest advocate for Medicare for All in the race. If elected, Derrick will fight Republican attacks on our healthcare and work to pass legislation that would guarantee healthcare as a right to all people in the U.S.]

[Example 2: he refuses corporate PAC donations and is committed to creating an economy that works for everyone, not just the 1%. I am extremely concerned about the influence of money in politics and increasing income inequality, but I can trust that Derrick will represent everyone in our District. While other candidates in this race rely on large donations from Wall Street and the very wealthy, Derrick is running a people-powered, grassroots campaign funded by small donations for ordinary people. Derrick can’t be bought!]

After hearing more about Derrick Crowe, can I count on you to be a voter and support Derrick Crowe in the Democratic Primary?

You can see more about Derrick’s plans and the importance of this campaign on our website at

Thank you for your time, [voter name].

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DO NOT Support 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

I totally understand. I hope that we can earn your support on election day. Have a good rest of your day. 


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