Net Neutrality ToolKit

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SHow your support for Net neutrality

Corporations like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast want more power to strangle competition and interfere with your right to free, fair access to information online. Trump's FCC chairman and Rep. Lamar Smith side with these corporate bullies, and we have to fight back. We need a fair, open Internet and a representative who will fight to keep it that way. 

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File a complaint with the FCC

Tell the FCC you support Net Neutrality and you oppose their move to gut it. This is an assault on our Internet freedoms and an attempt by big corporations to push us around. Let's put a stop to it!

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If we can’t count of the FCC to protect consumers, then we need a congressman who will stand up to them. Instead, Lamar Smith opposes Net Neutrality and takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from ISPs like AT&T, his all-time top donor. Contribute today so we can fight back against Smith and his corporate allies.