Endorsements and Supporters

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  • Bexar County Tejano Democrats
  • Bexar County Young Democrats
  • Bexar County Young Tejano Democrats
  • Northeast Bexar County Democrats
  • San Antonio AFL-CIO
  • San Antonio DSA
  • Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio
  • 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben
  • Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt
  • Sister Giant founder and New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson
  • Blue America
  • Democracy for America
  • Justice Democrats
  • National Nurses United
  • The People for Bernie Sanders
  • Our Revolution
  • Austin Young Democrats
  • Left Up to US
  • Circle C Area Democrats, the largest Democratic club in Travis County
  • UT University Democrats

      Derrick also won the Bexar County Democrats 2018 Primary Straw poll by a wide margin.

    What people are Saying about Derrick Crowe


    "Derrick Crowe has long been active in the fight for a working environmental future, and now it's very good to see him enter the political arena. We badly need people like him who are willing to stand up to climate denial and help us forge a clean and prosperous future."

    Bill McKibben, Author, environmentalist, founder of 350.org

    “Derrick Crowe’s campaign for Congress shows that standing up for American values like liberty and justice for all leads directly to policies like climate change action, Medicare For All, and tuition-free college. He’s showing Democrats that the path to victory isn’t in chasing Republican votes, but in championing a bold, progressive vision for the future.

    “Derrick doesn’t just talk about fighting for progressive values—he puts himself on the line. He went to jail in protest of the GOP attempt to slash health coverage. He’s stood with the Latinx community against Republican attacks like S.B. 4 and the DACA repeal. And, he’s taking progressive populism back to its rural roots on issues like broadband Internet access.

    “Derrick’s small-town background, Capitol Hill experience, and grassroots organizing history will make him Rep. Lamar Smith’s worst nightmare. We’re proud to back this ‘nerd for science’ as he takes on Congress’ worst climate science denier.”

    Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean

    "Derrick has shown that he is committed to advocating policies that promote environmental, social, racial and economic justice. We need more politicians who are willing to speak truth to power and recognize Democrats must challenge the corporate, neoliberal power structure. Derrick is doing this and has even faced arrest for protesting the destruction of the ACA and while being arrested advocated for universal health coverage. We need more people like Derrick to serve in Congress and fight for radical progressive values." 

    Mark McKim

    "Derrick is a true progressive candidate who will fight for ordinary people. He refuses to accept corporate PAC money, which will keep him free from undue influence. He has the experience, the dedication, and the integrity required to be an effective public servant."

    Sharon Gillespie

    "Derrick Crowe is a highly intelligent, incisive, articulate defender of the American citizenry, not corporate profits, and is committed to stopping climate change in the short time we have left. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy!"

    Gilbert Starkey, 350 Austin co-founder

    "Derrick Crowe has a deep understanding of science as it relates to our planet's health and well being. This is in stark contrast to the incumbent Lamar Smith who works for the oil and gas industry ...He's very bright, articulate, and dedicated to making the world a better place. What an improvement he will be!"

    Kate Mathis