Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt Backs Derrick Crowe for Congress

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt today announced her support for Derrick Crowe for Congress in Texas’ 21st Congressional District. Judge Eckhardt is the top elected official in Travis County. Below is her statement of endorsement:

“I am proud to endorse Derrick Crowe for Congress in U.S. House District 21. Derrick knows how to campaign, he knows how to win and, most importantly, he knows how to govern. Derrick’s skill in campaigning is evident in his experience as an advocate for sound public policy on climate change, political corruption and women’s health and safety.  Derrick is winning the support of an independent-minded constituency with his common-sense message that government exists to solve problems, not to deny they exist and that people in Congress are elected to serve the people, not themselves and their friends. Most importantly, having been senior staff to Democratic leaders in Capitol Hill, Derrick will know how to govern on Day One. I know I can count on Derrick to understand our issues and rebuild a U.S. Congress that works for everyone, not just the biggest contributors.”

Judge Eckhardt’s support adds to a broad, diverse set of group and club endorsements for Crowe that exceeds those earned by any other candidate in the race, including:

  • Blue America

  • Democracy for America

  • Justice Democrats

  • National Nurses United

  • The People for Bernie Sanders

  • Our Revolution

  • Austin Young Democrats

  • Left Up to US

  • Circle C Area Democrats, the largest Democratic club in Travis County

  • UT University Democrats

  • Bexar County Tejano Democrats

  • Bexar County Young Democrats

  • Bexar County Young Tejano Democrats

  • San Antonio AFL-CIO

  • San Antonio DSA

  • Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio

  • Bill McKibben

  • Marianne Williamson

Crowe is a former Democratic congressional staffer, former small business owner, and nonprofit professional. His platform includes support for real climate change action, Medicare For All, a $15/hour minimum wage, and College for All.