Repealing DACA is a cruel, dead-end policy from a cruel, dead-end administration

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If President Trump, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, and their GOP allies end DACA and deport 800,000 Americans of color, they will permanently brand the Republican Party as a dead-end movement of White racial resentment.

Smith has long been a DACA critic, and now that Trump is in office, Smith finally has a White House ally vicious enough to abuse young people to energize the ugliest corners of their base.

Well, I have news for Smith and President Trump: DACA recipients are Americans, and they belong here with the rest of us. We will defend them. If you won’t do the same, then you don’t deserve to hold public office.

Attorney General Sessions today insulted the intelligence of every thinking, feeling American when he tried to portray the forced roundup, detention, and deportation of 800,000 people as compassionate.

DACA is a real example of a government policy that seeks liberty and justice for all. It is unjust to punish children for decisions they didn’t make. It is unjust to detain and deport people who have only known this country as their home. If carried out, history will judge this decision as one of the worst stains on our national honor.