Private jets for them. No health care for us.


Taxpayer-funded private jets for them. No health care coverage for us.That’s what Republicans like Lamar Smith support in Congress.

Politico reports Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price took at least 24 private jet flights since early May. All told, Price has spent more than $300,000 from the HHS budget on cushy, luxurious travel — all at taxpayer expense — and he kept booking the travel even after Politico busted him for it.

If we can afford to pay for Tom Price’s expensive tastes and travel habits, then we can damn sure provide health coverage for the working people of the 21st District of Texas.

Help me unseat a Trump-supporting, health-repeal-backing politician. Donate to my campaign.

The bill the Republicans are pushing on us right now is, by many accounts, the worst, most radical of the GOP attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Instead of providing health care coverage for the 83,000 people in this district who still lack it, the bill being pushed by Lamar Smith and his GOP colleagues would:

  • Jack up premiums on the average Texan by $3,828 per year,
  • Kick 2.8 million Texans off their health coverage,
  • Cost Texas about 175,000 jobs, and
  • Hit Texas hospitals with another $2.5 billion in uncompensated care costs.

This is an outrageous attack on working Texans, just so Lamar Smith and Republicans can get their rich campaign donors another tax cut.

We have to fight back. Donate to my campaign today and help me unseat a Member of Congress who backs this attack on our health care.

Working families in the 21st District of Texas don’t get to take private jets to cushy conferences. We have to work hard every day and pray that a trip to the doctor doesn’t bankrupt us. People like Lamar Smith who have lived off of taxpayers and corporate PAC donors for decades don’t have any idea what it’s like to try to choose between a medical bill and paying a student loan bill.

They’re so out of touch that they’re dangerous, and we have to vote them out before they do more damage to working families.

Donate to our campaign today, and we’ll replace a Trump toady with real representation that will fight for Medicare For All in Congress.

And we’ll get to D.C. on a commercial flight.

Probably in the middle seat.

Derrick Crowe is running against Trump ally U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith in Texas’ in Texas’ 21st Congressional District. More about Crowe’s campaign can be found at