The Republican Attack on Health Care Is A Travesty

We’re finally getting to see the Senate version of the Republican health care repeal bill, and it’s as ugly as we thought it would be:

The bill, written largely in secret, includes big reductions to Medicaid, defunds Planned Parenthood, eliminates the Obamacare mandate requiring individuals buy insurance, and slashes taxes on the wealthy.

A congressperson worth his or her salary would be working day and night to make sure everyone they represent received quality health care through a program like Medicare for All.

Instead, Lamar Smith is cheerleading for the Republican health care atrocity after he promised his constituents they’d ‘triumph with Trump.’

In the 21st District of Texas alone, 54,000 non-elderly people will lose insurance coverage under the AHCA as passed by the House, and the Senate bill appears very similar in this respect. That’s in addition to the 83,509people who already lack health coverage in Texas 21.

More than 137,000 of your own constituents lacking health care isn’t a triumph, Mr. Smith. It’s a travesty. Shame on you for supporting it.