Our Revolution Central Texas and San Antonio Endorse Derrick Crowe for Congress

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Our campaign started with a commitment to build a future that works for everyone, not just corporations and the rich. That's why I'm proud to announce that Our Revolution's Austin and San Antonio chapters just endorsed our campaign!

As we speak, Republicans and even some Democrats are trying to take the leash off of banks that swallowed $50 billion in taxpayer-funded bailouts. And after the GOP’s tax scam vote, it’s clear that billionaires have declared an all-out war on young people and the working class. We need a political revolution to save our democracy, now more than ever.

Last weekend, we were also endorsed by Left Up to US, the grassroots organization dedicated to furthering the values embodied in the Sanders for President campaign.

Together with the national endorsement we received from Justice Democrats, these endorsements make it clear that folks are choosing our campaign as a vehicle to continue the political revolution. 

Trump and the Republicans won't give up without a fight. Right now, Republicans are getting organized for the battle in 2018. But when we stand together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. Help us keep up the fight for working families with your $27 donation.