A Message from Bill McKibben


Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. A tax break for ExxonMobil. Making it harder for you to claim losses from wildfires and floods--while making floods and fires more likely by worsening climate change.

These awful provisions in the GOP tax scam bill are just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg when it comes to the Trump administration's fossil fuel agenda.

We need people in Congress who recognize the seriousness and the immediacy of the global climate crisis and who will legislate accordingly. That's why I hope you'll join me in supporting Derrick Crowe for Congress in Texas' 21st District.

Derrick has long been active in the fight for a working environmental future, and now it's very good to see him enter the political arena. We badly need people like him who are willing to stand up to climate denial and help us forge a clean and prosperous future.

Derrick is running a race that brings together people power to fight corporate power. You can help by volunteering, and if you can't make it to a volunteer event, please take a moment to donate to support those who are out there knocking on doors and making phone calls.

If you live in the 21st District, you know that climate change is here. Let's make sure your friends and neighbors know that there's a climate justice candidate here, too.

Bill McKibben is an author, environmentalist, and winner of the 2014 Right Livelihood Prize.