TIME's Person of the Year

I don't understand our president. Yesterday, for no discernible reason, he seemed to make up a complete falsehood about TIME Magazine considering him for Person of the Year, only to be quickly contradicted by TIME's staff.

It's pretty odd that President Trump thinks he should be Person of the Year, given that there's a much more obvious choice this year: The Volunteer.

Sign up to volunteer with our campaign today!

Over the last several months, countless people just like you decided they were going to take responsibility for the future of our communities and our country. They write letters to the editor and their congresspeople. They register people to vote. They knock on doors to spread the word about our campaign.

Everywhere you look, The Volunteer is there. And The Volunteer is going to bring down Trump and his enablers in Washington, D.C. in 2018.

If TIME Is looking for a suggestion for Person of the Year, I'd humbly suggest the people who are saving this country from the ground up.

Join the ranks of folks volunteering for our campaign today. Or, if you can't knock on doors or make phone calls, donate today to support the work of our grassroots team!

We appreciate your support. It means the world to us. Together, we're going to replace right-wing extremism with progressive values in Congress.  

(Okay so obviously we made our own fake TIME Magazine cover to make the point, but the point still stands: volunteers are saving our country from the ground up as we speak. If you haven't yet signed up to volunteer, do so today!)