Press Release: Lamar Smith Retiring

Contact: Matthew Krausse, 512-766-9890; campaign[at]  

Austin, Texas--Congressional candidate Derrick Crowe today released the following statement in response to media reports that U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, would not seek reelection. Crowe is running as a Democrat to replace Smith in Texas’ 21st Congressional District.

"This is how wave elections happen. Lamar Smith’s retirement is incredible news for everyone fighting for real action on climate change. It’s also a strong sign we are on our way to retaking Congress.

"Smith's retirement is a sign we’re winning the fight retake our government from the alt-right. He obviously saw the power of the grassroots uprising against him and opted to leave before suffering a loss in the general election. 

"Today's news solidifies the dynamics already at play in the midterms, which are about motivating your base. We are proud to be the progressive torchbearer in this race and look forward to retaking this seat from special interests."

Crowe is a former Democratic congressional staffer, small business owner, and nonprofit professional endorsed by Democracy for America and Blue America. His platform includes support for real climate change action, Medicare For All, a $15/hour minimum wage, and College for All. Learn more: 

Derrick Crowe attends a meeting of the Comal County Democrats.

Derrick Crowe attends a meeting of the Comal County Democrats.