The Republican Budget: Fortunes for the Few, Misery for the Many


Lamar Smith just voted to slash programs that protect working families from disease, hunger, and homelessness—all so millionaires can get a $230,000 tax cut

This one vote should disqualify Smith from being reelected in 2018. Help me defeat him with your donation.

The budget passed by Republicans in Congress yesterday attacks Medicare and Medicaid and will force more than $200 billion in cuts to food assistance, agriculture programs, and housing assistance for low-income families. The cuts in this budget may kill the next farm bill, which would have been critical to supporting our rural communities.

All of this is happening while the U.S. economy has started losing jobs for the first time in seven years. We should be making strong investments in our country to create good-paying jobs, not letting billionaires loot the treasury.

Republicans should have been ashamed to even let this proposal see the light of day, much less put their stamp of approval on it. By voting for it, Lamar Smith is directly attacking the public structures that support the well-being of every constituent in our district. Help me fight back with your donation.

Crowe is a former congressional staffer, small business owner, and nonprofit professional. His platform includes support for real climate change action, Medicare For All, a $15/hour minimum wage, and College for All. Learn more: