Private jets for them. No health care for us.

Private jets for them. No health care for us.

Taxpayer-funded private jets for them. No health care coverage for us.That’s what Republicans like Lamar Smith support in Congress.

Politico reports Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price took at least 24 private jet flights since early May. All told, Price has spent more than $300,000 from the HHS budget on cushy, luxurious travel — all at taxpayer expense — and he kept booking the travel even after Politico busted him for it.

Bill McKibben endorses Derrick Crowe for Congress

Bill McKibben endorses Derrick Crowe for Congress

“Derrick Crowe has long been active in the fight for a working environmental future, and now it’s very good to see him enter the political arena,” McKibben said. “We badly need people like him who are willing to stand up to climate denial and help us forge a clean and prosperous future.”

What Does Real Leadership Look Like?


The past two weeks have been extraordinarily tough for our country, and with Hurricane Irma heading for Florida as we speak, we’ve got more tough days ahead.

In times like these, we need real leaders who bring people together.

Unfortunately, we lack that kind of leadership in Congress today. Let me give you an example: In the midst of hurricanes and crises for communities of color, Lamar Smith apparently found the time to write a hyper-partisan op-ed for Fox News, sharing such helpful insights as, “Democrats are like predators,” and that Republicans should think of journalists as the enemy.1

When elected officials think it’s more important to spend their time on petty divisiveness instead of disaster recovery and community justice, it’s time for a change.

Can you help me bring change to Washington with your financial contribution?

Derrick spent time volunteering at an Austin-area shelter after Hurricane Harvey.

Derrick spent time volunteering at an Austin-area shelter after Hurricane Harvey.

When I worked on Capitol Hill for the top Democrats on agriculture, counter-terrorism, and Democratic leadership, I saw what real leadership looked like. It looks like standing up for your neighbors. It looks like acting decisively in the face of crisis — and responding with appropriate resources. Real leadership brings people together in tough times to heal communities and build a better future.

That’s the kind of leadership I work to embody as we fight for change in this country. In tough times like these, we need elected officials who roll up their sleeves and go to work, not politicians who act like they’re in a flame war in Breitbart’s comments section. With your continued support, that’s the change we’ll bring to Washington, D.C. in 2018.

Take care of each other out there this weekend. We need each other now more than ever.

— DC

  1. “Rep. Lamar Smith: It’s time for the GOP to go on the offensive, ignore the liberal media, and speak directly to the American people.”

Repealing DACA is a cruel, dead-end policy from a cruel, dead-end administration

File_000 (1).jpeg

If President Trump, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, and their GOP allies end DACA and deport 800,000 Americans of color, they will permanently brand the Republican Party as a dead-end movement of White racial resentment.

Smith has long been a DACA critic, and now that Trump is in office, Smith finally has a White House ally vicious enough to abuse young people to energize the ugliest corners of their base.

Well, I have news for Smith and President Trump: DACA recipients are Americans, and they belong here with the rest of us. We will defend them. If you won’t do the same, then you don’t deserve to hold public office.

Attorney General Sessions today insulted the intelligence of every thinking, feeling American when he tried to portray the forced roundup, detention, and deportation of 800,000 people as compassionate.

DACA is a real example of a government policy that seeks liberty and justice for all. It is unjust to punish children for decisions they didn’t make. It is unjust to detain and deport people who have only known this country as their home. If carried out, history will judge this decision as one of the worst stains on our national honor.