Fighting for liberty and justice.

for all. 

Derrick is a proud progressive Democrat who will stand up to corporate power on behalf of his constituents. 

We face a critical moment.


A rigged economy and political system.

Health care costs.

Attacks on immigrants, Muslims, and communities of color.

Climate change.

All are reaching crisis points under Donald Trump and Lamar Smith.

Smith's Vision, Trump's America

Smith laid the groundwork for Donald Trump's America over 30 years in Congress. It's his crowning achievement.

Smith relentlessly attacked the media, assaulted political and economic liberty, and trolled scientists on behalf of fossil fuel campaign donors.

Please consider donating today. Derrick will not take corporate PAC money because he believes that his constituents are the people who should have his ear, not big money interests. We need people like you to stand up and help fund our run against Lamar Smith.